What Is The Challenge Body Mind Transaction On Your Bank Statement?

Challenge Body Mind Transaction

What is the Challenge Body Mind Transaction on Your Bank Statement?’ The specifics of this suspicious charge are often seen on bank statements and linked to Challenge Body Mind. This company, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offers digital courses focusing on diet, nutrition, and fitness. 

This charge is reported against many queries and concerns on your credit card. This source of this charge also affects, according to its origin, where it comes from. We will explore what Challenge Body Mind is, why this charge might appear on your card, and what steps you can take if the transaction is unfamiliar or suspected to be fraudulent.

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What is a Challenge Body Mind?

Challenge Body Mind is a company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, specializing in digital courses focused on diet, nutrition, and fitness. They cater to various demographics, offering diverse plans tailored to different fitness goals and lifestyles. Their digital products include comprehensive diet charts, exercise plans, nutrition guides, healthy recipes, and lifestyle advice. 

These offerings aim to support customers in their wellness journeys, providing accessible and expert-curated content. The company operates primarily online, offering monthly subscriptions and one-day access to its resources.

What is the Challenge Body Mind transaction?

The Challenge Body Mind charge appears on your card because of a purchase made for their digital wellness courses. This charge is directly connected to the subscriptions or one-time purchases of diet and fitness plans offered by the company. 

The timing of the charge may coincide with the initial sign-up or the recurring billing cycle for ongoing subscriptions. The cardholders should be aware if they don’t recall subscribing or making a purchase, as it could indicate an unauthorized transaction.

If you examine your credit card statement, you may observe a charge from CHALLENGE BODYMIND 855-4604451 NMcharge. The $12.49 Monthly Charge signifies a standard subscription fee, providing ongoing access to Challenge Body Mind’s comprehensive range of services.

The $1 One-Day Charge is a minimal fee usually associated with a trial offer, allowing you to experience Challenge Body Mind’s services for a day without committing to a total monthly subscription.

Customer Experiences and Complaints

In 2022, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) received numerous complaints against Challenge Body Mind, resulting in a C- rating for the company. Customers primarily reported issues related to unauthorized charges and difficulty with customer service. 

The BBB’s attempts to communicate with Challenge Body Mind, including sending mail to their listed address, were unsuccessful, as the mail was returned undeliverable. This has raised concerns about the company’s operational transparency. For more detailed customer experiences and complaints, you can visit the source.

Steps to Take if You Don’t Recognize the Charge

If you don’t recognize a Challenge Body Mind charge, first review your past purchases and subscriptions. If the charge still seems unfamiliar, contact the company directly for clarification. If you suspect fraud, promptly report the charge to your bank or credit card company. 

They will guide you through the process of disputing the transaction and securing your account. In case of any difficulty, act quickly to secure your security.

Contacting Challenge Body Mind

To contact Challenge Body Mind’s customer support,  You can email them at [email protected] or call their support line at (855) 460-4451. 

Additionally, their website offers resources for managing your account, including options for deactivation or cancellation. They claim to provide 24/7 customer support to address any concerns, refunds, returns, or cancellations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Challenge Body Mind a legitimate company?

Challenge Body Mind is indeed a legitimate digital wellness service, but it’s essential to verify each charge for accuracy to ensure it matches your subscriptions or purchases.

How do I prevent unauthorized Challenge Body Mind charges?

To avoid unauthorized charges, regularly check your bank statements and carefully manage any subscriptions, especially those linked to digital services like Challenge Body Mind.

What are common complaints about Challenge Body Mind?

Most complaints about Challenge Body Mind involve unauthorized charges on customer accounts and challenges faced when seeking refunds.

Should I report a fraudulent Challenge Body Mind charge?

If you suspect a fraudulent charge from Challenge Body Mind, then report it immediately to your bank. In case of any urgent contact with legal authorities.

How can I ensure a safe transaction with Challenge Body Mind?

Make sure transactions are safe by thoroughly reading and understanding the terms and conditions and by regularly monitoring your bank statements for any unexpected charges.


In conclusion, the Challenge Body Mind transaction on bank statements is linked to digital wellness courses. Despite its legitimate offerings, customer complaints and a low BBB rating indicate potential issues with unauthorized charges and communication difficulties. 

If you encounter an unrecognized charge, review your transactions, contact the company, and report any suspected fraud to your bank. Staying vigilant and regularly monitoring your bank statements is critical to safeguarding your financial security. For more detailed information, visit the source.

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