What Is The CSC Service Work Charge On Your Credit Card Statement?


Have you ever faced the laundry day blues or found yourself desperately in need of a tire refill without a reliable spot in sight? We get it, everyday tasks can unexpectedly turn into daily challenges.

These are the silent struggles we all face. We’ve all been there, and it’s time for a change.

Let’s delve into accessible services, where each laundry cycle and tire refill becomes effortless. Discover how CSC Service Work is rewriting the convenience script, promising a revolution that simplifies the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Ready for a shift in your daily tasks? Read on.

What is CSC ServiceWorks?

CSC ServiceWorks is a dynamic company specializing in vending-style services, particularly air vending and laundry. CSC ServiceWorks prioritizes convenience over security. It is a multi-location company with a broad presence that offers innovative and convenient solutions for everyday tasks.

What is a Card Security Code (CSC)?

On the flip side, the Card Security Code (also abbreviated as CSC) serves an entirely different purpose. Credit and debit cards come with a security feature that is a 3- or 4-digit number. When making purchases online or over the phone, this code which can be found on the front or back of the card verifies the cardholder’s physical possession, enhancing transaction security.

CSC Customer Services 

Leading the way in innovative vending services, CSC ServiceWorks offers a range of offerings aimed at improving user convenience and accessibility.

Laundry Services:

CSC ServiceWorks transforms the laundry process with cutting-edge machines strategically placed in diverse locations. These services guarantee that clean clothes are easily accessible, whether in residential buildings, laundromats, or educational institutions.

Air Vending:

CSC ServiceWorks expands its influence to air vending to elevate daily convenience. These machines, frequently located at petrol stations, provide a fast and easily accessible remedy for tire inflation, promoting on-the-go road safety.

CSC Service Work Location

Since accessibility is a fundamental principle of CSC ServiceWorks, its machines can be found at:

Petrol Stations and Convenience Stores:

Fuel up not only your vehicle but also your convenience. CSC ServiceWorks machines seamlessly integrate into 22,800 petrol stations and convenience stores, offering a quick fix for laundry or tire inflation.

Hotels and Resorts:

With CSC ServiceWorks machines found in 6,700 hotels and resorts, you can travel in style. No matter where you go, convenience follows you, whether it’s for a fast change of clothes or tire maintenance.


CSC ServiceWorks machines are at the center of 4,500 locations, revolutionizing the traditional laundromat experience. Laundry transcends from a tedious task to a convenient, easily accessible service.

Colleges and Universities:

The pursuit of education meets the ease of everyday tasks. CSC ServiceWorks brings convenience to 1,300 colleges and universities, ensuring that laundry and air vending are seamless elements of student life.

CSC Service Works Charges – Types of Charges:

These charges from credit cards appear on the bank statement. It may appear on your bank statement for various reasons depending on the services you availed. Understanding the nature of CSC ServiceWorks charges aids in managing your expenses effectively:

One-Time Charges:

These charges are associated with specific instances of service usage. Occur for singular services, such as a one-time use of a laundry machine or tire inflation at a petrol station.

Recurring Charges:

Recurring charges appear periodically. It reflects ongoing and subscription-based usage. It occurs when you regularly utilize CSC ServiceWorks services, such as subscribing to a residential laundry service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get my money back from CSC service?

To initiate a refund or seek reimbursement from CSC ServiceWorks, follow these general steps:
Review Terms and Conditions
Contact Customer Support
Provide Documentation
Follow Up
Always refer to the terms of service provided by CSC ServiceWorks and your financial institution for guidance tailored to your situation.

What is a CSC mobile app?

CSCPay Mobile: The process involves purchasing credits within the CSCPay Mobile app for laundry services and utilizing Bluetooth communication with the washer or dryer.
CSC GO: The CSC GO app allows users to swiftly request service for any CSC ServiceWorks laundry, air, or other equipment nationwide. Check machine availability before heading to the laundry room and make secure payments for a seamless and efficient process.

Is CSC GO free?

CSC GO is not free; there is a $5 charge upon signup.

How to Contact CSC ServiceWorks for Complaints?

If the charge still needs to be recognized even after verification, please contact CSC ServiceWorks directly for clarification or to address the dispute.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1 (877) 264-6622

How can I avoid unnecessary charges with CSC ServiceWorks?

-Follow the directions on the machine carefully. 
-Watch out for recurring costs from subscriptions. 
-Periodically check your bank statements to see if there are any unexpected charges.


In the world of CSC ServiceWorks, convenience takes center stage. The services reinvent daily chores, from laundry to air vending. A seamless experience is ensured by being aware of the fees. Accept the ease of use, CSC ServiceWorks will make tasks like laundry and tire replacements a snap.

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