What Is Equinox Moto On Your Bank Statement?

Equinox Moto

When you’re reviewing your bank statement, an unusual charge catches your eye “Equinox Moto.” Such unexpected entries can be confusing and slightly alarming. Why is it there? What does it mean? This article is dedicated to unraveling the mystery behind the “Equinox Moto” charge.

We’ll explore its connection to the well-known luxury Equinox fitness center and why it might appear on your statement. Join us as we explore this common financial situation together, unraveling its complexities to provide clarity and understanding.

What is the Equinox Moto?

Equinox Moto isn’t a term that most people are familiar with until it unexpectedly shows up on their bank statements. So, what exactly is it? Equinox Moto is associated with Equinox, a high-end fitness center franchise known for its upscale facilities and premium services. 

The appearance of Equinox Moto on your bank statement can be linked to various transactions related to Equinox services. It’s not a separate entity or service but a label for certain Equinox transactions. This can include membership fees, service charges, or other related costs.

On your bank statement, Equinox Moto charges can appear in several forms, making it slightly tricky to recognize at first glance. 

Here are some of the common ways these charges may be listed:

  • CHKCARDEQUINOX MOTO: This indicates a check card transaction where a debit card is used directly for payment.
  • POS Debit EQUINOX MOTO: ‘POS’ stands for ‘Point of Sale’. This shows that the transaction was made in person at an Equinox facility.
  • POS PUR EQUINOX MOTO: Similar to the above, this is a point-of-sale purchase, indicating a direct transaction at an Equinox location.
  • POS PURCHASE EQUINOX MOTO: Another variation of a direct purchase at Equinox, often for services or products.
  • POS REFUND EQUINOX MOTO: This signifies a refund from Equinox to your account, possibly for a cancellation or overcharge correction.
  • PRE-AUTH EQUINOX MOTO: This is a pre-authorization charge, often seen when a membership is set up or renewed.
  • PENDING EQUINOX MOTO: Indicates a transaction with Equinox that has been initiated but has yet to be fully processed.

If you’re unsure or don’t recall any transactions matching these descriptions, it might be worth investigating further to ensure no unauthorized charges on your account.

The Equinox Credit and American Express Platinum Card

The link between the Equinox Moto charges and the American Express Platinum Card lies in a unique perk offered by the card, the Equinox Credit. This benefit is specifically designed for cardholders who are also patrons of Equinox fitness centers.

How the Equinox Credit Works:

  • The American Express Platinum Card offers a $300 annual credit for Equinox.
  • This credit is not provided as a lump sum. Instead, it’s dispersed as $25 monthly credits.
  • These monthly credits are applied towards certain Equinox memberships, easing the financial burden of the typically high membership fees.

Enrollment and Utilization Process:

  • To take advantage of this benefit, cardholders must actively enroll. This isn’t an automatic perk.
  • Enrollment is done through the American Express website. Once logged in, cardholders can navigate to the benefits section and find the option to enroll in the Equinox Credit.
  • After enrolling, the American Express Platinum Card is used as the primary payment method for the Equinox membership fees. This is how the credit is applied.
  • Each month, when the membership fee is charged to the card, a $25 credit is applied to the account, offsetting part of the cost.

This benefit can be quite valuable for cardholders who frequent Equinox fitness centers. It effectively reduces the overall cost of maintaining an Equinox membership. However, the benefit only covers a portion of the membership fee and not the entire cost. Additionally, this benefit is exclusive to the American Express Platinum Card and requires that the cardholder be a member of both American Express and Equinox.

Cost Analysis and Demographic Considerations

The value of this benefit is based on individual financial and lifestyle circumstances.

Cost Breakdown of Equinox Memberships:

  • While prices can vary based on location and membership type, they are generally on the higher end of the spectrum.
  • The monthly fee for an Equinox All-Access Membership can be around $275. This fee gives members access to all Equinox clubs.
  • Other membership options like the Equinox Destination Membership or the E by Equinox Membership, have different pricing structures, often even higher.
  • The American Express Platinum Card’s Equinox credit offers a $25 monthly rebate on these fees. 

Demographic and Lifestyle Considerations:

  • The Equinox credit benefits individuals who prioritize high-end fitness experiences and frequently use Equinox facilities.
  • This demographic typically includes professionals or individuals with a higher disposable income who find value in luxury fitness amenities and are willing to pay a premium.
  • The credit offers a substantial annual savings of $300 for those who are already regular Equinox patrons. 
  • However, this benefit might hold less value for individuals who are not frequent gym-goers or who prefer more budget-friendly fitness options.

Equinox Moto as a Potential Scam

While Equinox Moto charges are typically legitimately linked to Equinox fitness center transactions, there have been instances where these charges have raised concerns about potential fraud or scams. These concerns help cardholders differentiate between valid charges and possible fraudulent activities.

In some cases, individuals have reported unrecognized Equinox Moto charges on their bank statements. These charges might not always align with the cardholder’s actual usage of Equinox services.

  • Data from fraud prevention organizations like fraud.org and feedback from various credit card companies indicate that while such scams are not overwhelmingly common, they do occur.
  • The scam typically manifests as unauthorized charges under the guise of Equinox Moto, which might be unfamiliar to those who do not have an Equinox membership or have yet to visit their facilities.

How to Cancel Equinox Memberships?

If you’re an Equinox member and have decided to cancel your membership, whether due to changes in your fitness routine, budget constraints, or concerns about charges. The process is straightforward but requires attention to detail. 

Before initiating the cancellation, review the terms of your Equinox membership. These terms often include information about notice periods, cancellation fees, or any specific conditions for cancellation. Typically, Equinox requires advance notice for cancellation, often 30 to 45 days before the next billing cycle.

Have your membership details ready, including your membership ID, personal identification, and any relevant billing information. This will streamline the process.

Contact Your Local Equinox Club:

The most direct way to cancel is by contacting the Equinox club where you signed up or the club you most frequently visit. You can find the contact information for your local club on the Equinox website or your membership agreement.

Visit the Club in Person (Recommended):

If possible, visit the club in person to cancel your membership. This allows for direct communication and immediate confirmation of your request. Request a written confirmation or a receipt of your cancellation for your records.

If visiting in person is not feasible, you can send a cancellation letter to your Equinox club. Make sure the letter includes your full name, address, membership number and a clear statement that you wish to cancel your membership.

Send the letter via certified mail to ensure you have proof of delivery.

  • After submitting your cancellation request, monitor your bank statements to ensure no additional charges are made.
  • If you notice further charges or if your cancellation hasn’t been processed as requested, follow up with the club immediately.
  • If you’re unsure about entirely canceling your membership or are only temporarily unable to use the facilities, inquire about the possibility of pausing your membership. This can be a flexible option for short-term changes in circumstances.

Contact Information:

  • For general inquiries or assistance, you can contact Equinox Customer Service. 1-866-332-6549
  • Check the official Equinox website for the current customer service number. 1-212-774-6363
  • Check the Equinox website for the appropriate customer service email address. [email protected]
  • Website:  Equinox

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I see “Equinox Moto” on my bank statement if I haven’t visited Equinox?

If you haven’t visited Equinox or have concerns about the charge, it’s advisable to review your bank statement for any unauthorized or incorrect charges.

What steps can I take to resolve an issue with “Equinox Moto” charges?

To resolve issues with “Equinox Moto” charges, verify the charge’s accuracy, contact Equinox for clarification, and initiate a dispute with your bank if needed. Monitoring your accounts is key to resolving such issues promptly.

Can Equinox Moto charges be a result of a billing error by Equinox?

Yes, billing errors can occur. If you suspect a billing error, contact Equinox to resolve the issue and clarify any discrepancies.


In this article, we’ve navigated the often confusing world of Equinox Moto charges. We started by explaining what Equinox Moto is, associating it with the upscale fitness center franchise Equinox, and how these charges can appear in various forms on your bank statements. 

We then delved into the specifics of the American Express Platinum Card’s Equinox credit, detailing its $300 annual benefit and the process for cardholders to enroll and utilize this perk. A critical point of discussion was the cost analysis and demographic considerations, where we broke down the Equinox membership costs and evaluated who would most benefit from the credit. 

Importantly, we addressed the potential for Equinox Moto charges to be fraudulent, providing steps to take if you suspect a scam and advising on how to report and prevent such occurrences.

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