What Is The HXPayments Charge On Your Bank Statement?

HXPayments Charge

Have you ever seen a charge labeled HXPayments.com appear on your bank statement? These financial mysteries need to be clarified for the process of payment for travel-related services. Although it could take some time for their imprint to appear on your financial statements, it is an indication of their unnoticed involvement in your trip experiences.

However, why should you examine these charges more closely? The details of “HXPayments” involve more than just problem-solving. It’s all about taking charge of your financial story. Read on as we explore the complexities of these charges, providing you with the clarity and understanding you need to manage your finances effectively.

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What is the HXPayments charge?

HXPayments.com is a charge descriptor linked to Holiday Extras, a reputable company based in the United Kingdom. Holiday Extras is a company that provides a variety of extra services to improve vacation experiences. These services include:

  • Airport Parking, 
  • Theatre trips
  • Hotel accommodations, 
  • Airport lounge access, 
  • Airport transfers
  • UK theme park trips
  • Car hire and more. 

The company’s responsibilities go beyond just offering these services. It also takes care of these transactions’ payment processing. Due to their engagement in financial operations, Holiday Extras charges are shown as “HXPayments.com” on bank statements.

Services Leading to HXPayments Charges

The services leading to HXPayments charges, as offered by Holiday Extras, include a variety of travel-related conveniences.

  • Vehicle Rental: Booking a vehicle for travel.
  • Cultural Events: Reserving tickets for theater shows.
  • Airport Parking: Paying for parking spaces at airports.
  • Accommodations at Airports: Booking hotels near airports for convenient stays.
  • Lounge Access: Paying for entry to airport lounges.
  • Travel Insurance: Purchasing insurance for unexpected travel issues.
  • Airport Transport: Booking transportation to and from airports.
  • Theme Park Visits: Organizing trips to UK theme parks.
  • Miscellaneous Travel Services: Any additional travel-related services booked through Holiday Extras.

Identifying HXPayments Charges on Your Statement

Identifying HXPayments charges on your bank statement involves recognizing charges listed as “HXPayments.com”. These typically relate to services booked through Holiday Extras. 

  • For instance, if you’ve recently reserved airport parking or booked a hotel near an airport, you might notice a corresponding charge from HXPayments. 
  • Similarly, if you’ve arranged for a car rental or secured a spot in an airport lounge via Holiday Extras, these transactions will also appear as HXPayments charges code. 

It’s important to cross-reference these charges with your travel plans and bookings to ensure their accuracy.

Disputing Incorrect or Fraudulent Charges

It’s super important to stay informed about credit card safety. Websites like Fraug.org offer valuable insights and tutorials on this. Also, it’s a good idea to check with big players like VISA, APEX, or Mastercard, and even consider using PayPal’s dispute system for extra security. Interestingly, some data suggests there’s a notable fraud rate with HX payment charges across various credit providers. It’s been an issue in places like Eritrea and Nepal too.

  • Contact your bank or credit card company immediately to report the charge.
  • Provide specific details like date, amount, and statement listing as “HXPayments”.
  • keep supporting documents ready, bank statements, booking confirmations, and correspondence with Holiday Extras.
  • Timely reporting is essential for initiating the dispute process.
  • Your bank or credit card company will conduct an investigation, possibly contacting the merchant.
  • Follow your bank’s specific procedures for dispute resolution.

Contact Details Holiday Extras (HXPayments) 

The contact details are: 

  • Company Name: Holiday Extras Limited 
  • Company Number: 01693250 
  • Address: Located at Ashford Road, Newingreen, Hythe, Kent CT21 4JF, UK. 

Their customer support can be reached at 0800 083 8741 and they offer a live chat on their contact page. Their website is hxpayments.com and they operate 24/7.

Charge codes related to HXPayments include various services: 

  • HX *HOLIDAY BOOKING, along with other specific codes like 
  • hxpayments hythe kent 
  • www.hxpayments.com uk
  • hxpayments uk, and 
  • www.hxpayments parking.
  • Other unrelated but frequently searched charge codes include SQ *SQUARE INC, CHKCARD AMAZON MKTPLACE, PAYPAL INST XFER, CHKCARD APPLE ITUNES STORE, and POS PURCHASE GOOGLE *PLAY. 

For any unfamiliar charges, it’s best to contact your bank or the respective company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I dispute an HXPayments charge?

Yes, contact your bank or credit card company if the charge needs to be recognized.

What information do I need to dispute an HXPayments charge?

Date and amount of the charge, and any relevant booking information.

How long does it take to resolve a dispute for an HX payment charge?

It varies, depending on your bank’s procedures and investigation time.

Should I contact Holiday Extras or my bank first for an unknown charge?

First, contact Holiday Extras for details, then your bank if necessary.

Are HXPayments charges refundable?

It depends on the nature of your booking and Holiday Extras’ policies.

How can I prevent fraudulent HXPayments charges in the future?

Regularly monitor your statements and verify all charges with your travel bookings.


The term “HXPayments.com” on your bank statement is more than just a string of letters and numbers; it specifically indicates a financial transaction processed by Holiday Extras, a company involved in enhancing travel experiences. If you encounter an unfamiliar charge, check against your travel records and contact Holiday Extras for clarification. 

In cases of incorrect or fraudulent charges, promptly dispute them with your bank or credit card company, armed with the necessary documentation. Vigilance in monitoring financial transactions ensures your peace of mind and financial security.

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